Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dreaming, my dear?

My youngest son who is 7 months old loves to play with curtains and enjoys looking out of the sliding door window.

Our house have wonderful views...The mountains! (Err, I don't know what mountains are we facing at! ) What I know it's part of Titiwangsa range. But who cares, only the views that matters, right?

It's cold here in Cameron Highlands. Brr...and to make things worst, it's a monsoon season! It's raining everyday.

These are few pics of my house's view...We're thinking of buying house here, but the only problem is that molds are everywhere. Yikes! Does anyone have tips on how to get rids of this 'thing'? Until we know how to prevent it then only we will have the second thought of buying house around here.

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