Tuesday, November 25, 2008

iNoma Laptop Bag

I took 1 month to finish this prototype laptop bag. It's my own design. The pattern wasn't that hard at all but I guess when you don't know which one is which, that is when the trouble start! I know...I know... from now on I will sketch the design first, make the sloper (is it using the same word in bag making?), then only I start sewing.

Okay, back to the bag descriptions. I detailed it with some kind of blue colour ribbon which acts as bias. I add a pocket on the front bag and more pockets on the inner lining. Of course a zipper attached for closure.

This bag fit perfectly for my super huge TOSHIBA laptop but not the cords, gosh...I totally forgot about the cords thing! Haha...

I make it simple so that it will also act as a document bag or a chic diapers bag for breastfeeding mommy like myself.

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