Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first time blogging

This is my first time blogging. My English is kind of rusty since I haven't used the language for the past 7 years to interact with people nor write. Sorry. So, what will I put on first? Of course the idea for me to create the blog is to show my creations and to sharpen my sewing skill and also my English.

Hmm...since my daughter desperately wants to see her face in the computer (I always show her my creations on Burdastyle website, she, somehow become a bit jealous!) and kept on asking me for days to shoot pictures of her and demand it to be put on the web.

So, I asked her to be a one day model for some of my bags creations. And here it is...her pics. I can imagine her smiling when she see her pics here...and me smiling too!

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