Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stripes Basketball Bag

This is my favourite bag. My husband requested a bag to carry his basketball for his regular practise in Tanah Rata public court.

Hmm...I've searched a lot of websites for free battern, but to no avail. All of the sites require me to either buy the pattern or buy a ready made bag which of course will cost me a fortune! (USD 1 = MYR 3.628)

For about 3 days I squeeze my brain for a simple pattern and using whatever materials I have to make this bag. So I draw a round shape for the base directly onto the fabric and a rectangle for the body and did the same for the lining. And I also add sponge to make the base more sturdier. I use a blue and turqoise stripes fabric for the bag and a dark blue fabric for the lining. I add a flap and a pocket and sew on velcro for closure. As for the strap, I took my old Diadora bag's strap and refashioned it with the same fabric as the bag. Seriously, I have no idea where to buy or the name most of the materials to make bags especially the padded stuff inserted in the bag's strap.

If anyone know anything about materials for making bags, do let me know! Really appreciate it.

Okay, and for the main compartment, I use a jeans/pants style for belt (I don't know how to call it, sorry) for closure.

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