Monday, December 15, 2008


I had to choose between these two fabrics. Top image is my husband''s kain pelikat and the botton is my batik sarong

Front image

Another front image

Back image

Wearing it with my favourite jacket

...wearing it with my favourite Giordano jeans

This is my latest creation. Azalea-nna. A simple twin sister of Azalea pattern from Burdastyle. I had to choose between these two fabrics. My husband's checkered kain pelikat and my batik sarong. But of course I've chose my batik sarong - em, it's actually because my husband's kain pelikat is more expensive than my batik sarong, HA!

I skipped the upper and front pieces of the dress due to not enough fabric or matching fabric. Ugh...I don't wear dresses, well, not when I go out. Don't feel that I have sexy legs to show-off! Haha...And so I shorten it a bit and make it into a more A-shape. Still thinking whether I should add the belt detailed as in Azalea original design...Hmm...

The materials I use to make this azalea-nna are the leftover navy blue lightweight cotton for the yokes and my final batik sarong. Oh, yes, I also skipped the zipper attachment and luckily it can be made as pullover mini-dress, if not...

Well, okay, the truth is, I don't have the guts to attached the zipper...But hope one day I will.

So, this is it. My mini-dress..a.k.a tunic Azalea-nna with batik sarong design!! Tell me what you think.

P/S: I'm planning to buy more batik sarong since they make beautiful and unique creations if it goes with suitable designs. And will update on what is kain batik and pelikat

The most important things is that I get to show the beauty of Malays/Indonesian traditional batik sarong designs to the world.


Karencilla said...

Hi Nomaliza, I saw your comment about my 2 pieces sets at Burdastyle. Thank you so much.

Oh my! your azalea nna is gorgeous! I love the idea of using two different fabrics (front and back), i was looking the front and said "it looks awesome" and then the next pictures "wow! perfect!" I think it is an excellent idea.

Nomaliza I want you to know that i bookmarked your blog, I'm checking it every time i can. Sorry if i don't comment so often =( I'm adding your blog to my Candy Box (Blog roll)

=) xoxo karencilla

Zuria Arshad said...

Sangat cantik! Never thought of using batik sarong and kain pelikat as a comfy blouse, but u made it looks so lovely. Mungkin akan guna kain batik selepas ini :) BTW, terima kasih sebab add link ke blog saya.