Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bank book purse

While I was browsing some Japanese websites, I came across these nice and very neat purses. I'm not a fan of purses but these creations have changed my mind a bit.

I want to make it more practical (since I prefer to stuff money and ID in my pant pocket...paranoid much! :P) I make this purse large enough for my bank account book and bank slips to fit. There is also a pen holder, a zipper, just in case I need to bring some coins and I also added a black button for closure.

The stitches are not very neat, though :( After I took a closer look of the pictures, I realized that I've overlooked a few steps (or maybe I didn't even notice it!) After all, it's written in Japanese...D-UH!

Materials: Stripes upholstery fabric, navy blue lightweight cotton, button, dark color ribbon.

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