Monday, December 22, 2008

Fabrics hunting!

Last Wednesday, we went to down to Ipoh, the capital of the Perak, situated some 80km from the highlands to buy some fabrics and necessities for my sewing projects. Yay! This has always been the moment that I've been waiting for so long! Fabrics hunting!

The first stop was Nagoya textiles store. There were a lot of beautiful fabrics in this store. Oh my, I just couldn't decide what fabrics to buy and left the shop without buying anything! Oh dear! That is my biggest problem. You see, I am taking everything into considerations before buying things, for examples, the costs, what if another store offer better fabrics...etc...etc...etc...and every time I will end up empty handed and I will regret it later on. Sigh.
I wish that I can just grab what I want and be happy with it. But doesn't that sound selfish?! Oh dear.
Anyway, I bought these beautiful fabrics at Kamdar (another shop) at a very reasonable price and kind of happy with it.
I was thinking to use the black fabric to make a pouch like Karen's and the turquoise base fabric to make duffel bag.
My three musketeers
Nas and Hadif playing at the amusement park in Jaya Jusco, Ipoh
Nas on a roof?


Karencilla said...

gorgeus fabrics! cheez i have the same problem.. pick pick think think, leave the store and then regret! ...

Nomaliza said...

Why can't we have all the fabrics in the store without worrying too much about the price!

printedcotton said...

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