Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kitty-Doggy Shoulder (Hobo) Bag

My own version of shoulder-hobo bag. Kitty-Doggy Shoulder Bag! Well, of course the name was after the designs printed on the exterior fabric (I've got to work out with creative names for my design next time :)). This bag is big enough to put in a 14' x 9' file easily.

I also add a zipper on the interior for smaller things such as hand phone, lip balm, tissue and whatever small things that we ladies consider as.

I also add a dark color ribbon to complete the bag.

My first pattern

Back view

Interior view

This file can be easily fit inside this bag

Tie the ribbon a bit tighter and you'll get a completely different/smaller bag look!

(Consider if you have little stuff to put in the bag)

Materials: Kitty-Dog printed fabric for exterior, pink fabric for lining, 8' zipper, dark color ribbon
Size: 14 1/2' (upper part), 16 1/2' (bottom), 12 1/2' (height), 3' (bottom wide) -size excluding straps

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