Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Robinson Waterfall

The Robinson Waterfall

Nas infront of the waterfall



...and me with Hadif

About 2 weeks ago we had a chance to visit the famous local Robinson waterfall. It's about 35 minutes walk from our house thru our treasured rain forest. Once we reached there, we truly were disappointed with the whole view! There's nothing much to see. (I also found empty bleach bottle right below the waterfall! Oh, gosh!) There were no resting spots or specific location to enjoy the 10 metres high waterfall. The surrounding were thick with 2 metres tall bushes and completely covered the whole scenic beauty of the fall.

Resting upon reaching
So we decided to go back trail some 50 metres from the waterfall where we managed to find a place to sit and enjoy the view. It was an open-space where the water rushes thru flat surfaced mountainous rock forming a kind of a rapid. Quite beautiful.

Our children really enjoy themselves though they barely touch the water! Haha...I guess that's the joy of being kids. You can have fun with almost everything...or nothing.

Husband and Hadif

Harraz enjoys the water flow

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