Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hadif's attempts on eating pancake!

Hadif really loves to eat. Anything, if he were given a chance! Haha...These pictures were taken recently when I made some Malaysian style pancakes for my kids, so I guess Hadif is joining in with the rest of his siblings. I know what you're thinking, but no, I didn't give him the pancake, he is only 7 months! I just let him hold and have a little taste of it and of course for me to snap a few pictures of him!

My first top!

This is my first attempt on making clothes. My first choice was this Sadie pattern from Burdastyle. It is very easy to make but unfortunately it's a bit small for me (thought my size was 36, but nooo...I think 38 or 40, or maybe depends on what fabrics I use, if it's a stretchable fabrics, 36 is fine).

Anyway, I'm so proud! And definitely will buy a serger or a portable sewing machine so that I don't need to send to other tailor to serge the edges. Did I mention that I'm using Singer 3191 D200A industrial sewing machine!

Our favourite hangout!

This is a special spot in Cameron Highlands that we love to hangout.

Erisa is having a good time playing with a ballon

My husband, Erisa and Hadif

Nas and Harraz are playing with what they love most...soil!

My husband and Hadif

Friday, November 28, 2008

Laut Pyjama Pant

2 months ago, my family and I went for a holiday in Pulau Pangkor, Perak. We spent 5 days and 4 nights there. It was the most memorable vacations and our kids enjoys the most! And they kept on asking me and their daddy when will they ever get the chance to go to the hotel again! Awww...

Anyway, I bought this pant. A simple and comfortable tie-on pant. And since the stitches are about to tear on the inner thigh, I decided to rip the stitches and get the pattern. I can't decide which fabric to use so I took one of my batik sarong and start cutting. Within 2 hours. it's done. My very first pant with ribbon to tie-on with...and I call it Laut Pyjama Pant, since it came from the sea!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

iNoma Laptop Bag

I took 1 month to finish this prototype laptop bag. It's my own design. The pattern wasn't that hard at all but I guess when you don't know which one is which, that is when the trouble start! I know...I know... from now on I will sketch the design first, make the sloper (is it using the same word in bag making?), then only I start sewing.

Okay, back to the bag descriptions. I detailed it with some kind of blue colour ribbon which acts as bias. I add a pocket on the front bag and more pockets on the inner lining. Of course a zipper attached for closure.

This bag fit perfectly for my super huge TOSHIBA laptop but not the cords, gosh...I totally forgot about the cords thing! Haha...

I make it simple so that it will also act as a document bag or a chic diapers bag for breastfeeding mommy like myself.

Stripes Messenger Bag

Another matching fabric bag! This is a bag I've made for myself. I lined this bag with a brown satin-like fabric.

I think I'm suppose to add velcro for closure but, I only realized it after I've done sewing everything. Oh, dear.

Pattern from Diana Messenger Bag, burdastyle.

Super Huge Reversible Tote Bag

This is my earliest creation using my Singer Industrial Sewing Machine. Thanks to milliesewly's How-Tos Classic Book Bag part 1 & 2, I managed to make this bag easily.

I use exactly the same measurement as she did and I must say, it is super huge!

A Stripes Hat

I use the same fabric from the stripes basketball bag to make this bucket hat for my 4 years old son, Nas.

I don't really know exactly his head size so I just simply draw a smaller scale from my hat size pattern and the result is pretty okay. It's just that I'm not satisfied with sewing skill. But I'm up for another try to make new hat for him with different pattern. (He isn't really excited wearing this hat outside the house. Oh, well!)
Hat pattern from Simplicity, Misses Bucket Hat.

Stripes Basketball Bag

This is my favourite bag. My husband requested a bag to carry his basketball for his regular practise in Tanah Rata public court.

Hmm...I've searched a lot of websites for free battern, but to no avail. All of the sites require me to either buy the pattern or buy a ready made bag which of course will cost me a fortune! (USD 1 = MYR 3.628)

For about 3 days I squeeze my brain for a simple pattern and using whatever materials I have to make this bag. So I draw a round shape for the base directly onto the fabric and a rectangle for the body and did the same for the lining. And I also add sponge to make the base more sturdier. I use a blue and turqoise stripes fabric for the bag and a dark blue fabric for the lining. I add a flap and a pocket and sew on velcro for closure. As for the strap, I took my old Diadora bag's strap and refashioned it with the same fabric as the bag. Seriously, I have no idea where to buy or the name most of the materials to make bags especially the padded stuff inserted in the bag's strap.

If anyone know anything about materials for making bags, do let me know! Really appreciate it.

Okay, and for the main compartment, I use a jeans/pants style for belt (I don't know how to call it, sorry) for closure.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dreaming, my dear?

My youngest son who is 7 months old loves to play with curtains and enjoys looking out of the sliding door window.

Our house have wonderful views...The mountains! (Err, I don't know what mountains are we facing at! ) What I know it's part of Titiwangsa range. But who cares, only the views that matters, right?

It's cold here in Cameron Highlands. Brr...and to make things worst, it's a monsoon season! It's raining everyday.

These are few pics of my house's view...We're thinking of buying house here, but the only problem is that molds are everywhere. Yikes! Does anyone have tips on how to get rids of this 'thing'? Until we know how to prevent it then only we will have the second thought of buying house around here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first time blogging

This is my first time blogging. My English is kind of rusty since I haven't used the language for the past 7 years to interact with people nor write. Sorry. So, what will I put on first? Of course the idea for me to create the blog is to show my creations and to sharpen my sewing skill and also my English.

Hmm...since my daughter desperately wants to see her face in the computer (I always show her my creations on Burdastyle website, she, somehow become a bit jealous!) and kept on asking me for days to shoot pictures of her and demand it to be put on the web.

So, I asked her to be a one day model for some of my bags creations. And here it is...her pics. I can imagine her smiling when she see her pics here...and me smiling too!