Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bangkok Street bag

I've made this bag early last year. This bag is actually a trademark bag in Thailand, I think, no, I saw this kind of bag worn by monks in Thailand (now they have use different pattern bag)

I've bought a purple color bag and decided to cut open the pattern. But unfortunately the pattern from the fabric cannot be use due to unpropriate cutting and sewing. My dear husband helped me drafted a new measurement and he even made a paper pattern for it. Plus, a smaller scale bag pattern for kids!

The adult size is using a thick jacquard fabric. It's very sturdy, I don't need to add lining to it. There is also a pocket attached on the outer side to put small notebook or keys, so I don't have to dig in the large main compartment! It's so convinient to take it to the beach and I use this bag to buy groceries, too. This kind of bag suits me better as I need to carry my little boy around a lot. Love it!

This is my daughter's bag (but I often borrow her bag (^.^) whenever I want to do simple chores like going to the bank and stuff). I also use a thick grey jacquard fabric with no lining added. A little pocket on the front and tiny decorative ribbon as a personal touch label!

The purple bag is my son's. He likes to carry his toys in it. And I've also made 3 more bags for a dear friend, her daughter and my daughter's friend as a birthday gift (no picture were taken for these 3 bags. Regret).


Anonymous said...

i am looking al over the internet for this pattern, could you send it to me please from the netherlands

Anonymous said...

im interested to buy your white monk bag. im looking over for this pattern on the internet. can you send me the details on this bag. from Malaysia