Wednesday, February 3, 2010

♥ Cotton blouse ♥

This is my warm-up project. A cotton blouse. I used Sadie bodice pattern from Burdastyle. For the upper part, I used a thick printed fabric in cream color ( I'm not sure about the material, but it's the same material as my sofa!). And as for the lower part, I used the leftover stach fabric from my curtains! What a combination! (>.<). It's actually a light cotton fabric.

It's supposed to be a maternity blouse when I start cutting the fabrics, but unfortunately it end up as a normal girl's blouse when I sewed it. Oh my, I've gotten fat in just a few months. No...! Well, this is supposed to happen when you are 3+ months pregnant, right? (^.^) And luckily I used cheap fabrics to test the pattern...Pheewww.

Though it may be a bit tight for me to wear it now (still comfy, though), but I think it will be alright to wear it after giving birth, which will be the next 6 months? HAHA..

I'll be using a batik sarong fabric for my next project on the same pattern, since now I know what went wrong, hopefully next time it will come out as what I've planned. A maternity blouse. But first, I have to make half a dozen of cosmetic pouch as a request from my dearie friend to sell in her blog. A business opportunity, I guess? Hmm...

I'll let you know the detail after I'm done with the pouches. Bye ♥


tinypaperheart said...

wow, nice job on your top!

Nomaliza said...

Thank you for your comment tinypaperheart, appreciated!! It was supposed to be a maternity blouse, but oh well, it still a blouse, right? (^.^)v