Monday, February 8, 2010

It's done!

I've just finished the half dozen cosmetic pouches that I've told you about. It took me two and a half days to complete it, from cutting out fabrics to sewing up every pieces.

I'm proud with the craftsmanship (^.^). I used jacquard (heavy cotton fabric) for the main feature and water resistant fabric for the lining. I attached a handle and zipper for the closure.

All four corners of the pouches were reincforced and attached with bias binding. This is also to maintain the shapes of the pouch.
The pouch is roomy and you can put in all of your favourite cosmetics stuff in it.

Can you see the small label card written nomaliza's iro-iro tied on the pouches? Yeah, that's right, it's for SALE!!! These pouches were ordered by my friend Erne to sell on her blog. She is currently selling cosmetics online and since she already has established customers on her blog, this is also a golden opportunity for me to expand and to promote my coming soon online handmade business.
I hope all of you will support me and support handmade stuff! So please, do visit her blog here if you are so into cosmetics and if you are interested in buying my pouches!

P/S: I hope my pouch 'new owner' will love it!


vivatveritas said...

very nice!! i hope the sales will go well on your friend's blog:)


tinypaperheart said...

your pouches are adorable! love the striped one especially! :)

Nomaliza said...

Thank you vivatveritas and tinypaperheart for your compliment...(^.^) ♥