Saturday, February 20, 2010

My batik sarong maternity blouse

I’ve finished this maternity blouse a few days ago. It’s a bodice alteration from Basic Lydia pattern by Burdastyle.
I’ve made an elbow lenght sleeves, and using my favourite maternity blouse as a guide, I altered a bit of the front piece of the maternity blouse so that when my belly is getting bigger, the front part of the blouse won’t look like it hanging from my BIG belly (if you know what I mean...).
Since I’m too lazy to make bias from the same fabric, I just use black ribbon as the tie-back for the blouse. This blouse is made of 100% batik sarong cotton fabric, even the interfacing is using the same fabric.
Honestly, I like the maternity blouse without the sleeves or probably with cap sleeves. Maybe next time I’ll make sleeveless maternity blouse and add bias binding to finish off the armholes look. I don’t know...maybe...
NOTE: This is the newest creation of batik sarong design. As you can see, the lines are printed with gold color to highlighted the motives/designs. Very rich and creative! I like the new look of batik sarong, how about you?

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