Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check out my new stuff!

These are my new little-iro-iro collections...I just bought a small amount of flower design fabric, a nice cotton fabric (it's actually an upholstery fabric) and I matched it with creamy fabric. Plain but there's actually a design on the fabric.
So, from these fabrics combination, I've came up with these 6 limited edition items. A tote bag, a drawstring bag with handle, a cosmetic pouch box, a shoe bag (Japanese style), a triangle coin pouch and a double tissue case.
All will be available by today at little-iro-iro shop (it might take some time because I'm putting my youngest son to sleep now, at this very moment :)
All details will be at my blogshop, ya! Feel free to browse thru my blogs...

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vivatveritas said...

very nice! well made!!!