Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just to share something with you...

Hi everyone. Remember I've told you girls that I used to open a little shop back in Jitra about 8 years ago? A ladies accessories shop? It was also a handmade shop. Both me and my husband really like crystals accessories that we decided to handmade our crystals stuff. Of course using some Thai's books for reference.
Oh wow, I remember that I've made a lot of designs for bracelets, but uh, unfortunately these was the only design I have with me.

This design was actually a design I bought in Hadyai (the light purple crystals), it was so cute and not to mention complicated (if you see the design) but actually, to make it was so easy!

I miss making handmade crystal bracelets...I wish one day I will be able to make something like these again...

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