Thursday, March 11, 2010

My pouches comes with free gift!

Since my blogshop is still new, I had to do something to promote my blog and to make it interesting. And so I made these 2 pouches (which was previously on sale in my friend 's blog, but these two are new pattern fabrics) which are on my little-iro-iro shop sale.
I've tried verypurpleperson's tutorial for tissue case but I'm not satisfied with the finished product. Though I want to hand if for free, the quality comes first, don't you agree...?

By the way, it's not just for free, it's actually a free sample for new introduction design.
P/S: The coin/tissue case will be on sale for RM8.90 soon!
...I've searched high and low for more nicer pattern and finishing, and there you have it, a nicer and more beautiful coin/tissue holder for you. Isn't, nicer?
Drop by my little-iro-iro shop for more new products!

Have a nice day!

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