Saturday, March 20, 2010

My upcoming totes bags design for sale...( week?)

Hi, I 've just finished the new design for my upcoming bags sale. I'm suppose to sell this one, but, I have no more lining...grrr...what the...! The lining I'm using for the this bag is light weight cotton, it's okay, though, but I'm still not satisfied yet. So, I can just show you the design first. It's a combination of two different fabrics. (As for these pics) I use a cream upholstery fabric with details and a stripes (also an upholstery fabric).
I added 2 wooden beads for accessories purpose. The closure for this bag is using velcro, the lining. Gosh. I use unmatching pink light weight cotton fabric with no pocket.
There will be 2 sizes for this kind of bag. This one is small size, the other one will be bigger.
Note: If it's for sale (next week) there will be 1 zipper pocket, 2 open pocket, 1 pen slot and a D-ring (all inside the bag) And as for the closure I will (optional) use magnetic button or wooden button. The tote can fit A4 size document, I think this bag is suitable for telekung and stuff, for little girls (that will need to reduce the strap lenght) and to be exact, multipurpose use (^.^)
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