Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wristlets for sale!

There are 8 wristlets for sale on my blogshop. It's small and very convenience to take along. My daughter really like it! Even I like it, too! It's easy for me to carry around as I don't like to take handbag, you know, with a little boy to carry around, handbag is just a burden...

The exterior using heavy cotton (some), 2 of the wristlets using batik sarong fabrics, light cotton fabric and a waterproof fabric. The interior all using light cotton fabric with interfacing.

So, if you want to know more and would like to buy these wristlets, hop on to my blogshop now, just click on the logo's (nomaliza's iro-iro).

Thank you!


Zuria Arshad said...

nice, semoga perniagaan awak bertambah maju :)

mycottonworld said...

Salam Nomaliza, thanks for joining http://www.mycottonworld.blogspot.com/ and pls visit & join our latest product here http://www.noor-natural.blogspot.com/
wish u all the best! k ina