Monday, May 31, 2010

...and later today I've made a phone pouch for myself

The hand phone case

...and of course, when I'm in a mood for sewing, I sew something for myself. It's more of creating new pattern for my shop. And this time a hand phone pouch. And since my phone is bare naked, I've decide to dress up my hand phone. And hey, the case actually fits my camera as well! Ha...
It's just a simple case with no handle. I don't think I'm the kind of person who carry around my phone with its handle, I prefer to carry it in my bag. Low profile, no, more to phobia freak!!
Okay, enough about that, my hand phone case use magnetic button for closure and its size is boxy (really addicted to boxy style nowadays ever since I've made the organizer :))
And I use a heavy weight fabric and cotton canvas for lining...also I insert an interfacing. And after about 2 hours (if chasing my kids around is not count) of measure, cutting and it is...DONE!
The fabric color matched my hand phone charms! Don't you think? What a coincident!!

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