Monday, May 31, 2010

Today I made a wallet for my daughter

Hello all,

I just received my fabric ordered online...It was fun shopping online, no wonder people like it so much! But we just have to be careful not to over spend our money, ya :)
It was a special fabric for my daughter's wallet, a tote bag and an organizer for her teacher who just gave birth to a baby girl about two months ago.
This wallet is basically a pattern from my shop, Zana-rin, unisex wallet for kids. Ever since I've made some wallets for my customers, my kids especially my daughter keep on asking me to make one for her, it's just that I don't have the right fabric for it...
So, when I received the fabric, I measured, cut and start sewing immediately, and hopefully to finished it before she got back from school...And yes, it was done perfectly on time...Yay!
She showed no emotion when I told her that I've made a wallet for her (typical her) but slowly, she start to searched for some coins, Ringgit note and since she don't have any cards, she wrote something a piece of A4 paper...fold it and put it in one of the card slot. And kept on talking about the wallet hours now...:)
Oh, let me tell you more about the wallet. It has 2 slot for cards, one slot for coins and one slot for note. I use a magnetic button for closure. interfacing and a stripey fabric for lining. Oh, and I also sew 2 novelty buttons on the coin slot for a more girlish detail.

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