Sunday, August 29, 2010

First project with my new AKORA sewing machine!!

Hi there,

It has been sooooo long since my last sewing job. After I gave birth to my baby girl, feeling much healthier and stressed out, I think now I need to start sewing before I'm going insane LOL, that's what happen if you have 5 super active kids at home to take care of!

But unfortunately, my sewing machine is far away in Dungun, Terengganu and I am here in KL. Next month most probably back to Cameron Highlands...yay!

And so, maybe my husband had notice me love-sick for my sewing machine (because I always with my notebook and a pencil, jotting down everything that's in my mind whenever I had nothing to do) he recently bought me a portable sewing machine and a serger (we had a great price for them!)

The new AKORA portable sewing machine

The 16 stitches, ouch, I forgot to rotate the picture!

The accessories

It's a nice and impressive portable machine with build in 16 stitches, button hole maker and etc...Though it's fun to be able to sew again but guess what, my sewing skill is back to square 1!! Yikes!

The AKORA serger

The accessories

My new fabric scissors (The best!) and I get this small scissors and a snipper for free

Handling the portable is so different than the ind. sewing machine. First time using it, I experience a difficulty to maintain my straight stitch. Gosh! My husband keep on bugging me when will I start sewing...though I'm still experienced some problem with it, I've made this blouse for my daughter.

Front view

Back view

Using a pattern from a japanese pattern book, cutting and tracing plus sewing alone took me about 3 days to finish because of my baby keep on waking up whenever I put her to sleep on my worktable, (though have been on me for hours!) of course I'd make sure she is comfortable there, but she rather sleep on my laps, sigh.

This is a simple blouse pattern with a gather on the neckline. I use a cotton fabric for this blouse and a stretch band that I inserted into the neckline casing...My daughter likes it very much that she wore it immediately after it's done:) But I definitely not satisfied with the sewing skill yet...

And the day after that, I've made this 2 tiered skirt, also for my daughter. I've been meaning to make this skirt for my daughter for a long time, but the tiered part scared me the most as I haven't done this type of sewing technique before. After a looong goggles here and there, I started working on the skirt. The measurement are base on her old skirt and my instinct, cut and serge, and sew and hey presto, it's done! It's actually an easy project, and I've wasted my time scared about something that is not so hard, sigh.

The 2 tiered skirt

Though it suppose to be a below knee length (poor instinct?) I am so happy that my sewing skill is far much better than when I sew the blouse. Pheww... Now I am confident enough to start sewing more stuff...using my new sewing machine, AKORA.


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* a i s y a h * said...

Hi.. I'm thinking on getting akora as well n would like to get u feedback frm u.. Is it good n where did u buy it? I saw an ad that it sells for 690..

Thanks ya.. :)