Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rusty English and a new blouse

Aik...The topic is not related to each other at all! LOL

I was just thinking, whenever I wanted to write something here, I felt like my writing is getting rusty each time. Even to write a simple sentence required about 10 minutes, just to check the grammar and etc. Though my husband is an expert (well, at least better than mine) in the language, it's not easy to keep on asking him to check on my vocab. and so every single time, let just say that I'm er, aih..embarrassed! Yeah right, like having the whole world read my 'rojak' English blog is not embarrassed enough!!

I am planning to buy some software on it, probably by using it I can learn to improved my language skill in near future :) Ahh, what do you think...?

Alright, let's move on to my sewing subject now, shall we?

I've just finished sewing a sleeveless blouse for my daughter. Oh, this was supposed to be a fabric for me, but unfortunately it's not enough, I only bought 1 metre, I should have bought more. It's a beautiful white base cotton lawn fabric with bluish-grey small flowers print. I guess it suits her more after all.

I lengthen the pattern a bit by 9cm and add a small curvy sides pocket, just to test out the difficulty on sewing the pocket, oh yes, it requires a lot of patience especially the curvy part, but, I think it looks cute on the blouse, don't you think?

I use dark grey poly cotton bias binding strips for the stretch band casing on the sleeves and the neckline (lazy enough to cut the same fabric for the bias). Ahh...another mission complete!

I find that sewing clothes required a lot of techniques than sewing bags that is mainly straight stitch. I need to learn more tricks about sewing clothes in English or Malay (funny because most words about the techniques in Malay language are pretty complicated to understand, maybe I'm so used with English books, yes, I can read English :)) as I'm currently using the Japanese book as my guide.

As you all know, I'll be more active in this blog at the moment until I get my hands on my old ind. sewing machine in a few weeks or so, than I'll be busy updating my shop...

Hope you all have a great day today. Till then, Selamat berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya!


MyBotanG said...

Lovely top.. so sweet.. and your girl looks so adorable in it..
I SO want to try sewing something wearable, but I have this huge confidence issue and try to find all the excuses to NOT even try..uwaaaaaaaa :(

Liza Azman said...

Thanks. I have a lot of top patterns but i am so afraid I would miscut the size and wasted the fabrics! Aww...but I do hope to make clothes for my family one :) with confidence.