Thursday, September 23, 2010

My long purse...the best first attempt!

I never had a wallet until yesterday! I usually put my money and ID card in the pant pockets whenever I go out. It's the most hassle free mode when you have a baby demands both of your hands and no, I didn't use a stroller because it would be difficult to control Hadif then (my 2 years old boy).

But unfortunately, doing this over and over again had snap my ID card into 2 pieces! Oh no! Now I have to make new ID card. Oh man.

Then, 2 days ago I decided that I need a wallet. Here I use a tutorial from Novita Estiti. It's an easy peasy tutorial to work with, but of course I did some alteration on the measurement, and I would make a half size wallet for kids using the same pattern! Yay! (well, it's because my daughter want one :))

The wallet have 6 slots for cards, 2 full length slots and a zippered pocket for small change.

The materials for the wallet are my favourite fabrics. The dark blue fabric with a pair of kids prints on it is from petite minicco and the light blue fabric with print on ribbons and some shimmer lines is from...err, hey, there's nothing on the fabric to describe the detail. But it definitely a beautiful fabric.

I use Velcro for closure, a blue-green zipper for the coin slot. I didn't use interfacing therefore the wallet is a bit soft. But when I put in cards and etc. it's just nice to hold. I love my new wallet and for the first attempt on making one, I really like the result so much!!

And where will I put this wallet if I don't have a bag? A bag for myself coming up soon :) indeed!

You can make one yourself using the tutorial or maybe, want me to make one for you...?

Thank you Novita for sharing this tutorial. Check out her blog, she has lots of information and stuff to share...

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Azura said...

cantik3..... well done.....
lepas ni lehlah amik tempahan pulak....heee