Thursday, October 14, 2010

Done some orders...and more orders :)

Hi all,
These are long lost orders that I've just finished 2 days ago. Not so in mood to upload it sooner. It's a custom made Nadiah pouch with added length (29cm). The fabric exterior is using customer's own and the lining is provided by my shop.

2 two pencil cases of cars fabric (pictures shown in previous post) are for her sons also using her own fabric and lining is provided my my shop using black English cotton fabric with white polka dots, fully interfaced. The zippers are by YKK brand.
Currently, I am in the making of 6 organizers for PinkyLady (it's my first bulk order for my shop, so, it was a bit chaotic about everything etc...etc...) So, I'm closing the wholesale order for time being until I've arrange everything to make things smooth.
Hope to finish it by tomorrow...

See you all with the update on the organizers soon.

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