Monday, October 18, 2010


I had finished 6 organizers, bulk order from PinkyLady. I'm truly exhausted! Pfftt...but i am happy that I've done it and had post it around 4pm today.

Thank you PinkyLady, hope you'll like it.

Now, I'm back to designing Baby Jue Tote in size M. I am so happy that most of my old fabrics have been used, yay!

I am also planning to produce my products by sets. Hmm, we'll see the outcome, ya?

Tonight, I want to rest before resuming new project early morning (usually I start my work at 4am). Really nice, peace and quiet morning...

Enjoy the pics and good night!


d u r a said...

what?? start work @ 4 am!! pheww..
btw, Liza you're so productive. your bags pun sangat cantik dan kemas.well done dear :)

Liza A. said...

Yes Dura dear, itu aje time yg I ada. Bila budak2 dah bangun, kena layan depa pula, and time sangat limited, bila baby tidur or tak nangis bila duduk kat dia nye rocking chair (ah, tak ingat nama pulak tempat tidur dia) hehe...I curi time potong kain, jahit sikit2...

P/S: Thanks for the compliment :)

LotusLightCommunity said...

Beautiful work. I'm always inspired by others who are better at sewing than I am. I know how much work it is to sew the lining and all the pockets. Wishing you well.

Robert Hess

color me pretty said...

great job!!! i love all your work :)