Sunday, October 24, 2010's all started with this book

I bought this book a couple of weeks ago, to let my daughter start her sewing crafts hobby. I googled it on the Internet and went straight to MPH, Maluri to purchased it.

There are few sewing kits in it such as needles, threads, paper ruler, buttons, and 3 2in square small felt. The felt are so small (about 2in square) and I don't even know what to do with it (since the felt craft is so new to me). They must have expected we have our own materials to start off with :(

Anyway, Cha wanted to hand sew, I sew this round shape thing (...I don't have felts), attached a ribbon so that it can be hang and stuffed in with fibre. Cha did the blanket stitch with cross-stitch thread, my fault, it can actually be done with the ordinary hand sew thread (and I did the first few stitches but it was a mess haha!) I've got to improved my hand sewing skill, I just adore paper-and-string sewing skill, very neat and nicely done. Her blog also very colorful and inspiring.
The finished result using cross-stitch thread

The heart shape with a button glue on it. I noticed that her skill has improved in this project.

And this one a tinee weeny heart shape felt craft she did on the same day (see how tiny the felt are, that's the one included in the book I've bought).

She is addicted to sewing now, just like mommy, and I have to buy more felts from now on and some books on felt crafts or probably a cheap portable sewing machine for her. That's need budget calculating (*.*) Well, right now let just focus on felt :)
P/S: Seeing his sister making some sewing crafts, now my eldest son is requesting to make some crafts...he wants to sew!!! Yay...

A tiny update on my baby girl

With her sister, Erisa


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