Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've made new design I nuts?

Hi all,

AM I NUTS? I'm supposed to make more in stock product instead, I keep on designing new stuff. Duhh!!!

I've made a new design wristlet for my shop. I call it Little Milly (the first version called Little Missy)

The pattern is just the same as DEANNA messenger bag, only much much more smaller. I add a center zipper pocket to the front for coins and the main compartment is for hand phone or iPhone or keys or camera. It's actually fits all!

The wristlet handle is using a printed grosgrain ribbon with detachable plastic (black) swivel key and hook. I use Velcro for wristlet main closure and the zipper is by YKK brand (is it the best brand ever...?)

The material are blue black petite minicco for the exterior and English cotton for the lining. Exterior fabric and pockets are both fully interfaced. Go to my shop for more pics :) Oh please, I just want you to go to my shopblog, that's all LOL.

My family and I are leaving for Dungun tonight (Sunday night) as my girl is attending her final exams. Wish her do her best (-.^). Hopefully will be back on Thursday night to continue my sewing work, well actually I still can sew there ('>.<). I still have my sewing machine in Dungun.

Have a nice day!

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reena said...

hallow dear :) thanks for coming k