Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new design -Pleated Hobo-

The pleated

Plastic slider

I was working out on a new design handbag. No name yet but it's a pleated hobo bag with adjustable handle. It's still not finished just yet as I need to bind it, but unfortunately I don't have the same color bind to go with, need to buy it first.

Let me show you the design first. The bag will be using magnetic button for closure and a simple zippered pocket on a flat pocket inside. But for this bag that I'm showing you here, I decided not to add any pocket. The bag will come a set with its own organizer. Remember the organizer that I've made before? It seems that it is too big to fit in small handbag, so, I need to alter the measurement and materials use.

In this try and error designing, I used a beautiful Swiss cotton (really a pain in the butt to work with if not interfaced) and as for the lining I used pink-light beige upholstery fabric. The lining is fully interfaced, but I think will interface the exterior fabric as well next time.
The bag is pleated on the opening and I still haven't name the bag yet...that will have to wait until it's done, usually the name will pop up automatically in my head during the process :)
Tell me what you think about the bag or anything need to be add, feel free to comment (*.*)


Nur Sulida said...

Cantik! Kak Ija... Nnt ajar Lida bleh??? <3
Lepas cuti sekolah nnt, Lida pergi lepak dekat rumah kak Ija dgn Kak Na.

Liza A. said...

Nak blajar mai umah, but still, you have to learn to use sewing machine :)Mine using industrial machine :) Blajar guna mesin jahit ibu dulu...practice.

Anonymous said...

impressive..can u show how to make the curve at the bottom of the bag? thank you for great blog u have here