Sunday, October 3, 2010

Organizer and Bangkok Street bag for A Purse Week Contest

Hi all,

I am submitting these 2 favourite bags of mine for Purse Week Contest over at Lemon Squeezy blog. Drop by her blog if you want to join in the fun too! I just want to try my luck and promoting my stuff, because the prizes are just irresistible! own monk bag

..and my very popular Baby Jue Tote's organizer


Bea said...

Thanks for the info:D. Rasa nak join jugak....but then kena buat beg dulu. Haruslah merajinkan diri depan mesin jahit...hehe

Liza A. said...

Hi Bea, you're most welcome. Jom join, try luck, mana tau menang, syok juga :)