Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She finally score her goal!

The happy face with her bag (no, actually, I forced her to smile and pretend to be happy with the bag) haha...

Hi all,

Remember yesterday I told you all about how my girl kept bugging me to make one sling bag for her? Yeah, it's done. It had to, otherwise I'll be hearing more nagging from her every 10 minutes! Besides, she always helps me with taking care of her little baby sister and erm, actually she also took care of all her brothers whenever I'm at my sewing table or cutting fabrics or cooking. She is just so helpful and I don't know what am I to do without her. SO, this is a token of appreciation for all her being so helpful as a BIG sister. Thank you, cha-cha (her nickname).
This is a 'shrinkage' version of DEANNA messenger bag. I added a little pocket on the front of the bag and 2 bellows pockets for the interior (can you tell my craziness over bellows pockets by now? haha..). I did use some interfacing to retain the shape of the bag and Velcro closure for the bag. As for the handle, I sew on fabric on the nylon webbing and it suppose to be adjustable strap handle but then again, I'm running out of d-ring and the metal slider. I also add a tiny green ribbon to make it as a personal touch.
This bag will be on my shop for little girls (oh no, not this one, this one is TAKEN! I mean more bag will be on my shop, do you want one?) I'll be selling it at RM38-without postage fee. Do visit my blog for more product view.
I also made these fabric flowers early this morning (..around 4am). Both using different technique. I like the flower on my bag better because if done well, the outcome is nice and looks like a rose, so you see, I need to practice more, now, it just like erm, something 'different' haha...But anyway, I just stitch it on my bag, it looks more girlish that way and I like it the 'messy' look.
...and a little update on my little girl...Enaydia.

..little Enay with her daddy...

Oh well, that is how I keep myself from being bored with sewing the same stuff everyday, now, back to sewing some serious thing now.How is your day today, dear all?


d u r a said...

Totally cute! It looks fantastic, you did a super job. I'm sure she'll love it!

little Enay is so adorable! wish i ada baby girl jugak :)

Liza A. said...

Hi Dura,
Rindu nak dengar cerita u, lama x update. You tak tgk sue-mybotang version lagi, sooo lawa! hope to hear from you at your blog...