Sunday, November 21, 2010

A baby dress

Front view

Back view

Good morning,

I've made a baby dress for Enay yesterday. It is 4 piece pattern for romper but did some modification to the pattern piece and now it is a dress! Why I did the changes was because I don't have the snap buttons to compliment the romper (Am planning to buy the snap button tools early next month, by the way).

It was actually an easy sewing but all seams are securely tuck and hide, just like welt seam. It consume more time sewing this kind of seam but it is suitable for baby wear. I used a stripes cotton gauge material bought in Nagoya clearance sale some time age. I bought a lot of it and with different design. It is a light weight and airy material therefore it is suitable for making children and baby wear.
The closure using stripes of bias binding and all binding was finished with hand sewn for a neater look (but in my case it end-up with not so neat look LOL).
But there is one problem during the making. After I've cut and sewing the pieces together, I noticed that there were holes in the dress. When I checked the fabric, to my nightmare, the holes are along the uncut fabric! It's like it has been puncture with something. These fabrics was supposed to be for my Bangkok Street Sling bag design for my shop. Luckily, it is only on this fabric, the rest of the different design fabrics are okay. Relieved.

The material

Close up view

Enay and Erisa

Sorry for the drooling model :)

The series of holes!

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