Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby shoes

Hi readers,
I had this don't-want-to-sew-bag fever yesterday. I still wanted to sew but not bags. This always happen to me. I was thinking what I want to sew, since my brain will not stop thinking about what to do next? What to do next? Usually, a very simple and quick project will do.

And then I thought that, I haven't sew anything for my baby girl. Cotton knit is not available in Malaysia and to buy it from online is not something that I can afford of for the time being and so making a dress or baby clothes was not going to happen. But I still need to sew something. But what?! Bib? NO, no reason to, because I only use napkin (baby napkin) whenever I need to burp her.

Wait a minute. How about a pair of shoes? Yes, that will do, great. A pair of baby shoes it is. It was a quick but not an easy sewing. The tiny opening for the shoes gave me a lot work to make sure that the fabrics are align together, neatly. I finished the bias binding hand sewn. The inner sole also hand sewn. I attached laces and 2 pair of ribbons as the shoes lace. It was worth it to see the outcome. Isn't this cute, don't you think? I think I'm going to make a variation of these.

On the proud owner's feet ( I hope she love it, she keep on looking at it when I put it on her)

With her big sister

I love it when she makes her mouth like this. This mean she is being cheeky.


LotusLightCommunity said...

Beautiful shoes, Beautiful children.


Liza A. said...

Thank you Robert, compliment goes to the baby girl who makes this possible :) she is just so inspiring. I do hope I have a lot of cotton knits so that I can make clothes for her :) it's just so expensive to knits online. It's not available here :(

Anonymous said...

adorable booties, liza. consider making them for sales. plus, babies stuff will do well in flea market ... christmas is coming, so, good chance to capitalise on the gift-giving frenzy :)

and enay is so cute!! i kept on saying i want to meet you all ... really need to make it happen one day :)