Thursday, November 25, 2010

A cloche hat

Hello readers,
Oh, I am in the mood to refashion my shop, new banner, new packaging, new label (I hope (-.-)). Just getting ready for everything, planning to release new concept by 15th Dec. Arghh...hope I will not disappointed, tho.
Well, not in the mood to sew new stuff for the shop but my hand itch to sew something. I was browsing thru my books and came across the cloche hat. I love hats. I always wear a hat whenever my family and I travels. So, I made one for myself but then I learned that, using stripey fabrics is totally not a good idea when making hats, at least not for me..haha..
I love the outcome. The belt details on the hat and the head part (not sure what its call) rather than a normal round. This hat is full of darts detail. I think I'm going to make another one once I find suitable fabric. Never feel comfortable in a store bought shop before, this one fits perfectly on me!
My girl modelled for me here as I'm too shy to model in front of my hubby ;)

Do you like to wear hat?

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