Sunday, November 14, 2010

The first time

Front view

Back view
My daughter has 2 Barbie dolls in her collection. But unfortunately, her mommy was too kedekut to buy new clothes for her dolls. They are ridiculously expensive consider it's just for a tiny person, right? I know, I know, it is fashionable and kind of hard to sew the small seam and all. But still, rather than spending money to buy their new clothes, isn't it wise to spend it on our daughter's clothes, right? Well, it's only my opinion.
And since the only dress Barbie have is worn off, I decided to sew a new one. I rip the seams of the dress and iron on a thick interfacing. Easy to trace the pattern on fabric this way. I choose scraps from my stash and just sew it. It only took me about half and hour to finished it, and lots of practice and patience needed to sew the dress. It was an experimental sewing so I didn't sew the seam around the neck line, just pinking shear it. And add the Velcro for closure and waa-laa. Done!
NOTE: I hope to add some embellishment on the next project to sew Barbie's dress :)

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Zuria Arshad said...

cool, I wish I had tiny fingers so that I can make one too! :D