Thursday, November 25, 2010


Origami has always have a special place in my heart. Seeing a piece of paper or more transforms into lovely crafts has fascinate me in its own way. I used to make origami when I was younger but would always disappointed in the outcome. I then buried the hobby and always hesitate when came across the origami books in bookstores. I just don't want to feel the same disappointment and wasting money on buying books that I know will end up in the shelves. Dust.

But when I see the paper folding flower in KhamJoeDesign blog, I fell in love again with origami. The flower looks just like Sakura. I did some blog walking, not that I was looking for the flower but still, in my mind, the desire to searched for the name (Kham did mention that she didn't know the name of the origami flower) of the flower is strong. I found this tutorial for making the Kusudama flower in Folding tree's blog. There are a lot of tutorial links in the blog from origami making to cards making, I think all tutorials are more to paper crafts.

Isn't the flower beautiful? My daughter add a simple leaves and glue it to the flower

Hope you'll enjoy the link and happy origami to all!

P/S: Kham, the name of the flower is Kusudama flower :)

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