Thursday, December 16, 2010

Custom made Baby Jue Tote and Organizer

Hello and Salam to all,

I've just sent these two bags for my customer (I prefer to call my customer as client, more professional, yes?) She wanted to upgrade both bags to bigger size than the original. Both using her own fabrics which are obviously from IKEA, no need to introduce. She also requested a simple handle, rather than my trademark handle which are the sew on nylon webbing. The interior fabric are okay but I did have some difficult time sewing the exterior fabric because of the materials. But I did my best to sew as neatly as possible. Took me 6 days to finished both bags. Truly exhausted! Further more my son (the witty 2 years old boy) did some 'mechanical engineering' experiment on my sewing machine and in result, the upper thread is loose! Arrrr....It took me several hours to have that nice end result back.

I'm now open orders using client's own fabrics but first, they must send me a 4 x 4 inch fabrics sample for me to decide whether I can sew using their fabrics, or else the result won't be satisfying. Please don't blame me when that happen :(

BABY JUE TOTE ORGANIZER - becoming the baby tote

Same features with added sling adjustable strap

Changing the sides pocket to bottle pockets with stretch band. Rather than the usual bellow pockets on the exterior bag, both pocket now are on the inside. The pockets are simple pleated.


Same features on both exterior bag

Large compartment with flap

I've made a zippered welt pocket instead of stylish pocket on actual Baby Jue tote

2 bellow pockets, small swivel hook and a small pocket compartment for small stuff (I forgot to snap picture on that! Silly me...)

Right, hmm...both bags are interfaced with both medium and light fusible interfacing. To be frank, these are really huge bags. One is 45cm x 35cm x 15cm and the organizer cum baby bag is 13cm x 33cm x 3cm. I  really hope she will like it :)

I do like the vibrant colors, tho! I feel very happy to see those colors and so does my little girl...

Doesn't she looks excited LOL
Have a nice day all!


aphrodita wibowo said...

wow...cute bag :)

Liza A. said...

Thanks! Your creation are not bad either :)

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.