Friday, December 24, 2010

A custom made order from Sime Darby staff

A custom made order by the same client who requested the oversize bags on my previous post.
She wanted a hip bag...She is a practical person and I like ideas by practical person, simply because I want to make hand made base on practicality, not by 'nice and beautiful but with no function' hand made. Therefore, every hand made items in my shop have more than 1 way to use. PRACTICAL AND SIMPLE.

From the same materials provided, I've made this hip bag. Definitely will be my next new design list for my shop! The hip bag has adjustable and detachable strap handle and closure by Velcro tab. The swivel hooks that attached on the bag, rather than on the strap made it more useful as you can either use the straps or detach the strap and hook the swivel hooks on your belt loops on your pants and it become a waist bag. At the back of the bag I added an extra function so that it will also hook on your belt (How do I explain this, I have no idea!! Haha) Just look at the pic below and you'll understand what I'm saying :)

The bag measurement are 20cm (wide) x 17cm (height when close)

If you are interested to custom made the same not hesitate to email me. Thanks!

P/S: Puan, I hope you like it, please approve it first before I've made the delivery. Thank you...thank you...thank you...

My two years old son as a model :)

The bag

When open

Strap to attach to the belt

Swivel hooks use to hook on the belt loops

That's all, thanks for dropping by!