Friday, December 17, 2010

An interview with Azreenchan

Salam and hi to all,

This is my first time interviewed a blogger. The reason why I do this is to promote creative blogger out there and to promote my hand made as well (a little gift will be given to those participate in this programme).

This is Azreen a.k.a as azreenchan. The talented and a very cute, adorable doodler. Yes, that's right, she doodles! I'm not sure how I'd landed on her blog but I am so fall in love with all her artworks. I am now officially her blog stalker hahaha...!

MEET AZAH AZREEN a.k.a azreenchan
Azreen, the sweet doodler
Let's read more about her, shall we?

-Describe something about you.
I usually express my feelings thru drawings. That's why my drawings are all tangled and mixed and came from every little things around me. But I don't even know how to explain my drawings! Because it is a mixture of everything. When I draw, I can be quite serious and only focus on that - my drawing session can take hours, days. Sometimes I even skip my dinner ( yes, it's not healthy :p )

-What was the first doodle you made?
First doodle? I've been doodling for fun since school. I used to have 'buku conteng' and passed it around in class with a group of friends.

But in this business? Well, I remember the first thing I sold is doodle on file box to Miss Husna. I felt excited, then I started selling my stuffs online afterwards.

-What role does doodling play in your life?
It's quite important now. I know it can go far if I work hard on it. I want it to be something fun and yet at the same time give benefits to me & others. So that I don't do things with no purpose.
Love those details on her artwork, inspire me to be more patience and detailed in making and designing my hand made.

-What is your favourite and what is your least favourite thing about doodling?
Favorite : I can just pick up a piece of paper and doodle right away because there's no rules. I don't have to think. I used to doodle when I'm on the phone talking with my friend, and unconsciously doodle random things. That's just awesome, I mean how our mind can work without us focusing on something.
Least favorite : Nothing! because it is for fun :)

-If you could made something (anything doodling on what materials) for anyone who would it be and what would you make?
Haha. I usually give my doodles to my friends. I hope they like it though. I give to random peoples too ( I offered in my facebook page & send it to random people just for fun ) On papers, boxes, tissue paper. Doodles can be fun!
Adorable, yes?
-What is your motto?Keep on learning & make an effort!

There you have it. I know you'll be her blog stalker once you've finished this interviewed. Haha...Go on, visit her blog here and be her facebook follower NOW!

P/S: Azreen, your little gift will be on its way this Monday, so sorry with all the delay, very, very hectic weeks...Thank you for sharing and sparing some time for the interview.

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azreenChan said...

Thanks for the post :D

Liza A. said...

No Azreen, thank you for your time. I simply adore you and your talent :)

MyBotanG said...

really adorable the cute details!!! very talented indeed.. keep it up azreenchan..