Thursday, December 2, 2010

LILI - Water bottle carrier for kids

I've finished the water bottle yesterday. It's a fun sewing project. But just as I'm so excited to sew more, now...the webbing handles are out of stock. Yikes! I hate when this happen. Since the handles are bought online, I have to wait a couple of days before I can resume on making more.

Please go to my shop to buy hand made stuff by me. Who knows, I might be generous enough to give more discount! Ha.

Oh, yeah, about the water bottle carrier, I use Japanese cotton with strawberries all over. Very sweet and beautiful fabric, remind me of Cameron Highlands! The handle is soft pink and I sew on bias from same fabric. The lining I use light beige stripey fabric. The water bottle is for kids as the handle is a bit short and if you want it for yourself, drop me an email, okay :)

The water bottle fits small mineral bottle , it's a bit bigger than the mineral bottle. Hop on to my shop for more details.


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