Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lion head

Assalammualaikum and hello to all readers,

The title sound weird today, you were asking? Well I just finished sewing a Bangkok Street bag a.k.a BUA, but it still need a button for its closure, I'll brag about it tomorrow. Today, I want to introduce to you all my pet rabbits. They are Juju and Jujie. They are lion head bunny rabbit. They are so adorable with long fluffy fur. Juju is a boy and Jujie is a girl.

Actually I have another pair of rabbits back at Dungun. And because the cage are huge, we just have to leave them there for awhile and somebody there take care of them.

About Juju and Jujie, they are very active but gentle. They do bites...sometimes...if they were hungry, of course, but most of the time, they were just like cats. Our kids love them so much, but I'm the one who takes care of everything. Sigh...okay, maybe some other time my husband volunteer to help.   

Most of the time they were kept in their cage. Don't worry all, I never let them in my sewing room. :)

 Jujie (the white bunny) and Juju (the grey one)

Aren't she adorable? I mean me. Kidding, of course the bunny :)

P/S: I want to start my own tutorials on sewing, I think it's about time, right? But, I'm not sure what to start first. What do you think...?


Bea said...

Liza, those rabbits are so adorably cute:D
About the tutorial, why not start on a simple sewing project like making small pouch, handphone casing or pencil case.

Liza A. said...

Hi Bea,
Thank you, they are adorable, just like a percian kitten, not as agressive as my two other adult rabbits...