Friday, December 24, 2010

A little something from azreenchan

I received this yesterday. It puts a smile on my face when I look at the envelope. Very cute and creative, eih?
I adore her/artwork so much that I always visit her blog whenever she upload new post. But I didn't post comment every time, that will make me more pervert, right? I don't want to scare her ;P

On her previous post, she blogged about she have 4 magnets to giveaway. And so the first four who leave a comment get it, for sure. And guess what, I was the 4th person who commented on the post. I'm getting luckier here...hope for a long time.

The envelope

Her name

Her monochrome business card

The magnet! Cute aih?
Sadly, Azreen, I have delayed your parcel the second time because my husband was in pain the past few days due to consuming a lot of medication, Alhamdulillah he is fine now. He had a chronic migraine. And for that reason, I have broke my promise (again and again. Sigh) He is the one who's doing the trips to post office for me :)

But it gave me a reason, to change my gift to a token of appreciation and also as our friendship
(I like you to be my sister, dear Azreen) Aik, macam nak propose pula...LOL

I would definitely cherish the gift and the envelope as well. Mungkin boleh jual dengan harga yang tinggi bila Azreen dah jadi famous nanti....hehe.

P/S: Sorry ye Azreen, things have never been like what I've plan and please forgive me.


azreenChan said...

Yeay, I'm glad it arrived even though I used snail mail! :D

Liza A. said...

It is indeed a snail mail, Azreen...!