Friday, December 24, 2010

A quick meet with my earliest client

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR-2011's going to be a new year in just few days, how time flies. I have planned my business for next year, hopefully it will be a better year than this year for our family...And hope yours too!

I've met one of my earliest customer few days ago, a quick get to know because I had visitors during her visit. We just met downstairs (my 2 storey rumah kedai) because she bought me daun  inai, a request from me for my husband illness due to consuming too much medication. Alhamdulillah, he is better now.

 And for that I thank you Kak Zura who came all the way from Johor...well, she was on her way to her kampung to attend a wedding, actually. Am not that important for anybody to come all the way just to send me daun inai, right? But she did, anyway, thanks Kak Zura! APPRECIATED!

She is just so warm and friendly, me on the other hand was froze, don't know how to communicate verbally (that's me!). But guess what, after she bought a bag from me few months ago, she is now into bag making!

Congratulations Kak Zura, I hope I'd inspire you to start sewing...hehe...
Daun inai
She also gave me these...aww...I'm so speechless, because I didn't prepare anything for her...Silly me!
But I'm preparing a little something for her :)
Hope the relationship will last forever and may we share lots and lots of knowledge in crafts!

Bag handles

Purse frame

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Azura said...

terima kasih Liza......
kakZura baru dapat baca blog crafter termasuk Liza punya hari ini..... baru balik bercuti...... Alhamdulillah dah beransur sembuh suami Liza.... kakZura pun speechless sebenarnya masa tu...heee...tak tau nak cakap ape...anyway....nice to meet you and to know you....
mmg Liza dan Cik As (Tote Boutique) sumber inspirasi kakZura dalam pembuatan beg ni.... terima kasih ye..... kalau ada masa nnt kita get together lagi ye.....