Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sketches: Clutch

Hi all,

There's no sewing activities to update for time being. So, I guess I'll update on what I did when I' not sewing. Sketching! Mostly of course I sketched about my bag designs. I like to sketch with pencil. And this one I sketched using PILOT mechanical pencil with 0.7 led. Pilot is always my choice for stationery.

I might start collecting all sort of pencils for sketching (HB, 2B, 3B and all the to 8B) and maybe also, just maybe, will also start buying pens for doodling... :) Will take it a one step at a time...No rush, it's just some hobbies.

This is my sketches on my new launching product in 2011, clutch, probably will be in the shop by end of January. insyaAllah. Late! Late! Late! I know. Details and all make it a snail project. But definitely worth the effort! 

Clutch design

I will post more sketches from now, just to brush up my drawing skill. Have a nice Monday!

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