Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tutorial on zippered welt pocket

Salam and hi to all readers,
I've been wanting to make some tutorials to share with you all, but never had the time to do so, usually I forgot to snap some pics at the beginning of each process, until yesterday when I was in the middle of making my clutches, I took some time to take some pictures on the zippered welt pocket, the professional style :)

This is my first time making a tutorial, I hope you'll be able to see clearly all pictures with minimal instructions. I'm so not good with words :)

This is the end result, no visible zipper seams.

As usual, draw a rectangle on a piece of matching lining fabric (interfaced the fabric to get a sturdy finish).
In my case I draw a 1.2cm x 16cm rectangle and I'm using a 9in zipper. Draw also the middle line and triangle on each side.

Sew the rectangle using a small stitches (not very small, eh and not too big either)

Then, cut the middle line and the triangle lines, be careful not to cut thru the stitches!

This is how it should look like.

Iron it flat and it will look like this.

Comparing the zipper hole and the zipper.

Now, you'll need to cut a piece of fabric for the pocket in my case I cut the same length of the zipper with 23cm long. The pocket piece will be fold into 2, so, adjust the right length for you pocket, ya!

Now baste the lower part of the zipper to one end of the pocket fabric to secure it, the exterior fabric facing the back of the zipper. Look carefully at the picture on how I assemble the fabric and zipper.

Now, position the zipper to the rectangle hole.

Using the zipper foot, sew the lower part of the zipper and secure stitches with back stitch.

This is how it will look like.

Baste the other end of the pocket fabric. please secure the opening of your zipper to minimise your headache when sewing the zipper on the lining later. Now, finish the other 3 corners of your welt box pocket.

Later, sew the 2 sides of your pocket to secure it.

And there you have it, your very own boutique style zippered welt pocket.

Hope I'd help you here in making you very own zippered pocket. Please read it a couple of times or more to understand and visualise every steps in this tutorial- just take it as you are viewing a tutorial from a Japanese blog...haha...

Thank you for visiting!
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MyBotanG said...

thank you for sharing the how to.. I never had the courage to try sewing welt zip before.. the pictures and instructions seems clear and easy to follow.. will try this one of these days and let you know how they turn out.. arigatou!!

Liza A. said...

Thanks Sue, I hope it help :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

thanks for the tute... the pictures speak thousand words... never done welt zip before actually, but will do this one day.

Liza A. said...

Thanks for visiting Mila@Rimbun, appreciate it!

NYKOLETT said...

what a crystal clear tute..thanx liza!Pernah buat guna zip biasa i know it can be done also on welt zip pun.

Liza A. said...

Thanks for dropping by Nykolett, I should have snat the full view of the pocket...Lupa plak :)But I'm sure what the welt pocket looks like, kan...? Or, I'll add later.

Dida said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I ni mmg ada big problem ngan zipper ni.. :)

Liza A. said...

Thanks Dida, hope it help you a lot :)