Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Water bottle carrier

Hello readers,

I've made 2 water bottle carrier as requested by my loyal customer. These are for her two sons. I had always neglected when it come to make something with round base, but now I love it! It's easy to make the measurement when you know how to calculate the circumference of any sorts of round things. I did use a large portion of fabrics before it came out perfectly. Ha!

The stripey fabric is customer's own and it is a really painful to work with when using my design. The fabric has, what I call 'bones', because if there is a mistake in folding the fabric, when you sew it, you'll notice your stitching become croquet....which will happen if using any fabrics. I have avoided buying these kind of fabrics now.

Another thing is, the fabric may look beautiful when you buy it but, it worn out very quickly even when you haven't wash it yet. So beware when buying fabrics online. Make sure you the materials of the fabrics you are buying because as far as I know, the fabrics are quite expensive selling online (about RM12/m). To me, it is just not worth it!

The bottom view

So, anyway, I SMSed my customer that, if it's okay if I make another water bottle carrier with my own fabrics? Luckily for me, she agreed. Thank you Kak Zana. It saves my life and time!

The first one, the stripey is patched with blue black petite minicco and the lining with beautiful soft (but I interfaced it) baby blue polka dots pak lawn.

And the second water bottle carrier are using IKEA animal print fabric and patched with black base with white polka dots, and lined with the same polka dots fabric.

Handles are adjustable and detachable. I use cotton twine for the drawstring and secured it with wooden beads.

Do you like it?

The design are made by me and will soon be upload in my shop blog ♥ enaysa ♥
The measurement for the water bottle carrier are on my blog shop. Visit here for more details.


P/S: Kak Zana, I hope you like it, what more important is, I hope your sons will love it!

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