Monday, January 10, 2011

ARIANA TOTE- in stock

Good evening everyone :)

Finally, just finished this ARIANA TOTE - variation, a simple variation. I was distracted a lot by my kids because except me and my little girl, they have high fever. So you could imagine how hectic my life had been these few days, not to mention a bit paranoid!

I love this fabric so much! Very girlish and sweet design.I want to make something wearable for me but sadly, it's not enough :(. So, if you like this bag, there will be only 2 in-stock as I'll be making an organizer bag (new design) out of this fabric. Hurry and grab yours now! First come first serve!

The tote is fully interfaced in and out but still, it's very soft to touch. Am using high quality English cotton for exterior bag and Japanese cotton for interior. High quality means, I'm using RM45-RM55/m fabrics and mostly bought from CottonZone.

Notice the crystal bracelet she's wearing? It's my hand made :)

The handheld handle

I love the unique handheld handle and I hope you will too :)
You might find the bag looks big because the model in this picture is my 9 years old girl. But actually, it is just nice for us adults.
Nobody is in the house to take the pics for me at the moment. Enjoy the pics!

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