Monday, January 24, 2011


Good morning to all,

I was googling for coats yesterday, and came across this blog, MyCloset. My first impression...In Love with most of her coats collections. And why did I googled for coats...? We had plan to move back to Cameron Highlands. InsyaAllah.

To me, Cameron is one of the safest place to stay.I can walk alone/with kids without feeling unsecured though without my husband around. Expect for fear of stray dogs! Yes, a lot of stray dogs! Scarry!

The only safest, calm/peaceful and good environment to raise children I know so far...

Okay, now lets talk about the COATS!! The blog is more about Korean fashion (which I know most pf us addicted to, I know I am!) and also a bit of Hollywood style...But what more important is the matrial, the price. If to compared the price with all those Korean fasion online blog/facebook seller, this one is indeed more expensive, but, I think the price come with the quality. The owner also provide us with the Korea website on all label in her blog, just in case we're being sceptical with the price/quality. Do drop by her blog if you are a Korean fashion lover.

Come and help me choose one:

I want it to suit if I ever change my image, a simple and muslimah image :)

I was planning to upload only the one I like but end up upload it all! Haha...It's going to be a longgg post but I'm sure you'll be just as excited as I am now!


Two color knit cardigan

Stripey cardigan

Short sleeve cardigan

Sexy red cardigan!

long cardigan with buttons!
I've been meaning to buy long cardigan with buttons!

Short sleeves cardigan with cowl neck/buttons!

Long cardigan, love the color!

Ouc...the model is sexy :)

This one come with the shawl

Kind of granny cardigan


Can I be that nice just like the model wearing this?


Another long cardigan and stripey!


Sexy stripes!

Really hot red!

Like the model hehe...

Unique style cardigan

Different style cardigan

Stripes both angle

Jacket style cardigan


I used to have these kind of jacket bought by my husband when staying in Cameron before :)

Feminine style

With hoodie


Sexy legs! ahaks...distracted!

Sweet blue

Tough style!

Long coat, girlish.

Too short, I guess :)

Like the details
Like the color


Beautiful, indeed.

She is cute, right? I mean the model :)

Add caption

Suit for working girls

I want to be this sweet :)


Okay, this is too much already, but I can't help to upload it anyway (^J^)
If the material is not too thick, will consider buying these type of coats

She look stiff, will I do too?


Awww...can I wear this in Cameron...?

Like, and looks cozy!

Very girlish



Elegant and beauty

Military style


Love the color

Another wayyyy much of a coat to wear in Cameron haha...!

Warm, suitable when raining in Cameron!


Come with the shawl, I think.



Feels like a bear..? My girls should wear this!


If only there's snowing in Cameron haha...

Feel warm already just by looking at it!

Knit shawl

Can you decide? I know I can't :). So help me choose.
 For those who have a plan to go overseas this year during all seasons except of course in summer, if you need coats, just drop by MyCloset's blog. You'll be spoilt with all those beautiful items, not just coats...all kind of garments, very cute and beautiful pieces.

Have a nice and warm day to all!

*credit to MyCloset for giving permission to upload these pics on my blog, thank you!

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