Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drawstring bag for Hadif

Good morning, dear all.

I've made this super easy drawstring bag for my 2 years old boy. He loves cars and often carry his cars collections in his sister's sock and my inner tudung. Kesian, mommy tukang buat beg tak buat beg satu kat anak? So,before somebody tell me that, I better make one for him. Haha...

I used a baby blue cotton with bows print and a vintage design fabric for lining, luckily I didn't interfaced the bag because sliding the twine thru the hole was really a pain in the butt!

I hate the fact I don't have required materials to make the bag, the grommet/eyelet, and majority tutorials use the grommet things arrghh...But hey, it's actually makes me more creative. So, rather than sitting and whining, I've  made 2 tabs for the twine to go thru replacing the grommet spot. Not bad, eih?

P/S:It's my own sketching and design :)

The tabs

My ruined inner tudung...haha
Lining, actually the fabric is nice tho it's the same material used in orang kampung cushion covers..

How was your day today?


DiahRothman said...

Sure by now Hadif is the happiest boy around the block and the lucky one too..... to have you as his mum... :)

Liza A. said...

Well, hopefully, buat utk anak lelaki, depa tak berapa kisah sgt pun haha...

P/S: Not a very good mum yet, kak Diah, busy with one stuff, depa terabai skit...kena ubah gaya kerja...susah juga nak juggle time between anak-anak and menjahit :( tough! Yg baby nowadays, manja teramat-amat, nak dukung memanjang..