Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hi fever and something from azahskaliskala


I am not feeling well yesterday. Had hi fever. I was infected by my kids and husband. And also not having enough sleep for the past 4 days, worsen my condition.

But today I feel a bit better though still having headache. I start sewing today, though I suppose to upload the product today, but I don't think it is possible.

Just want to share with you all what I received yesterday. A mini calender from Azahskaliskala. I joined her giveaway few days ago but not very lucky to received the small box :) but she is just so kind enough not to disappoint everyone that enter her giveaway and she decided to give the rest 12 participants a mini calender. How cool is that?

Just like my favourite doodler azreenchan, she too doodle on the envelope :) Cute aih?

The envelope front

The envelope - back

The mini calender

The calender

Oh, I'm so not feeling well today...maybe I need some sleep. Pardon my writing here, okay. I can't think properly today, but I just had to upload the gift :) Thank Azah!


cik ct payung said...


salam perkenalan.
terima kasih berkunjung ke rumah saya.
hopefully semakin sihat yer.....

Liza A. said...

salam perkenalan cik ct payung...
terima kasih kerana singgah ke blog saya juga :)
dah sembuh sepenuhnya :)